The race for Premier League top 4 has never been this exciting.

Leicester’s loss against Spurs on Sunday have made it easier for the Red Devils to move above them with a draw/win with their game in hand against WHU.

Chelsea are ahead by a point with a game in Hand against Liverpool. But I doubt Liverpool will like it if their rivals end up playing CL football. So we can really not expect any favours from them.

The best ending for the Red Devil’s will be a victory in both their remaining games but if they fail to do so? Then here is the second best ending for them.

Maguire gets tackled by Jack Wilshere of WHU.

Top 4 possibilities
If we remove City and Liverpool from the picture (since they have already qualified for the CL) we are left with:

Chelsea are 3rd with a 1 point lead- they have to play Liverpool and Wolves.

Leicester City are in 4th place level on points with Manchester United (having played a game more), they have Manchester United to play on the final day.

Manchester United are in 5th level with Leicester City- Have a game in hand- they play West Ham and Leicester City.

Leicester Lost 3-0 against Spurs.

Since Leicester City lost against Spurs with a 3 goal margin, they have opened the opportunity for United to grab the 4th spot.

If United win with a margin of 3 goals against West Ham today they can secure the 4th spot with just a draw against Leicester City and shouldn’t lose by a 1 goal margin on the final day to stay ahead on goal difference.

And the best case will be If Chelsea lose to Liverpool tonight and United beat WHU, Ole’s men can jump up to the 3rd spot with 2 points lead if Chelsea fail to win.

So even if United draw against Leicester they can secure the Champions League spot.

United lost 0-2 to West Ham the last time teams clashed.

United are guaranteed to finish in the top 4 if they pick up 2 points from their remaining 2 games and if they pick up 3 points by beating WHU and losing to Leicester, they could still miss out on top 4

It means that if United get 2 points that means that they will draw against WHU and LC (with a total of 64points)

And if they get 3 points, win against WHU and lose against LC then they will finish with 65 total points, but since LC will win against them they will get 3 points with the total of 65 points which will level with Man Utd but they will be ahead of goal difference.

Arsenal lost 0-1 against Aston Villa.

Fun fact:
After Arsenal lost to Aston Villa the highest Points tally they can get is 56 points.
That’s 8 points lower than we got under David Moyes.

What are your predictions for tonight’s game?
Do you think Liverpool will let Chelsea win?
Comment down your reviews.

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