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That mind-blowing comeback against Everton.

This is what United is all about, this is what we missed, team effort and never giving up attitude. The way the whole stadium celebrated when United scored said everything.

The game was good after the second half. It looked like the team was hungry and wanted to give whatever it takes to win this game.

It was necessary for the Reds to win this game after all the humiliate loses and controversies, this is for the fans and Jose Mourinho.

It’s safe to say we deserved to win, the overall team performance was decent in the second half.

Another record was broken United conceded two goals within ten minutes of the game at Old Trafford for the first time but the players did not let that affect the game.

Today’s win means that Jose Mourinho now has the best win per cent of any United manager including Ferguson

It was a roller coaster ride of emotions, after having a bad run at home there were a lot of expectations off today’s game and United going 0-2 down within ten minutes was not at all expected, the fans and media started talking about sacking Jose after first half itself. (If that was possible)

That relief when your team makes a comeback.

Mata’ brilliant free-kick gave the Reds hope to make a late comeback and soon after the first goal Marshall’s equalizer set Old Trafford on fire.

So happy for Sanchez, he got a lot of stick for not doing well and today he got own piece of cake. That 90’th minute comeback by Alexis Sanchez everything, I haven’t been so happy watching United lately.

Manchester United is eighth on the Premier League table, just 5 points away from the fourth position. Things wouldn’t have been so messed up if United would have managed to win against Brighton, West Ham and wolves at least. When the season fixtures were out I was confident United will take all three points from these games but the players had other plans.

The players did not give their 100% but the win gave the Reds time to breathe and come back with a positive mind. United play Chelsea on 13th Saturday at 5:00 IST.

Jose’s post-match interview:

It wasn’t the substitutions that won the game – it was the desire, mentality and commitment. This is not about me, this is not about the players, this is about the club, and in the second half, the players gave absolutely everything. Nothing more to give.

“I am 55 years old, I am mature, I can cope with it and live with being hunted. I think some of the boys are not coping well with it. The way they started the game was panicking (sic). I thought at some moments we could score in our own-goal. It’s not easy for them.”

When asked if players aren’t playing for him:

It’s a ridiculous talk [that the players aren’t playing for him] – they don’t play for the manager, they play for the club. It’s not about that. What I asked the players is to give absolutely everything. We had little tactical touches, of course, we risked a lot, we were trying to find the best way to play. In the end, we won the match and I think we deserved to win. I think the fans deserved to win. At 2-0 at half-time, with all the dynamic of the man-hunting, I think they behaved amazingly well for the team. This is what a football club is. “

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