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Football is a way of life for me, I may not play football anymore but my heart still skips a beat every time David De Gea makes one of his usual astounding saves. I am a fervent Manchester United fan and I have been watching this beautiful game since I was 15. My journey began as a football player, it wasn’t long before I was forced to stop playing, due to many family issues and my low self-esteem. I may have stopped playing but that did not stop me from religiously sitting in front of the tv every game night and watch my favourite team battle it out. Soon I realized I needed to channel this ardency and dedication.

Back when we had Rooney in our front line.

One of my friend invigorated me to start a football blog and that’s how A Girl In Red came into existence. I pen down my opinion about the team and how the formation could have been altered for a particular game. Yes, I know all the football rules and no Ronaldo is not my favourite player. People are quick to judge when they see a girl following and talking about football. But I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who actually believe in me and my love for football. These three months have been terrible, living without football was like taking away a huge part of my life. It was as if I had nothing else to do, that’s how football has moulded my life. We take things we have for granted and we only realize it’s value when it’s taken away from us.

Met Fred the Red at One Love United event.

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